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Arbeitsgruppe "CSP"

New WG;
The Candidate Support Project (CSP) has been founded in 2012 based on the EPO cooperation roadmap. Candidates from 23 EPC members are eligible for the CSP. The project is a cooperation of the EPO, CEIPI and epi. epi provides not only the coaches, but the PEC members from the 23 eligible countries are asked to help the national selection board to identify appropriate applications that will be forwarded to the EPO for the final selection. Ms Mihaela Teodorescu, Romanian PEC substitute member, epi Vice-President and Liaison member from the Presidium to the PEC, has acted as contact person to the EPO ever since the project had been founded.
However, as the number of courses, candidates and coaches have increased over the time and so has the administrative work, and will increase in the future, Mr Paolo Rambelli, PEC chair, suggested to support Ms Mihaela Teodorescu by setting up a WG.
This WG shall cooperate with Ms Mihaela Teodorescu and the PEC chair, and shall consist of members of the eligible countries.

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