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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Committee Election 

Committees' Election Committee

At the 93rd Council meeting, there will be an election to populate the Committees’ Election Committee.
Any epi member can declare willingness to be a candidate for the election by submitting the completed nomination form.


  • 3 members

Task of the Committee:

The Committees’ Election Committee is responsible for implementing the applicable Rules, specifically the “Rules for Committee elections”, and for supervising conformity with these Rules. The Committees’ Election Committee shall, in particular, supervise all the steps relating to the preparation, implementation and processing of elections to Committees, shall support the Secretariat, shall decide in cases of doubt and shall draw lots whenever required by these Rules.

For more information, please see the Terms of Reference of the Committees’ Election Committee.

Additional requirements:

Candidates shall not stand for election to another Committee.

Vacant Seats
Full Member Candidate

Nomination Form