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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi Experts

epi Experts support and coach candidates preparing for the EQE. They are also involved in ongoing epi professional education training offers. Most of the experts are experienced European Patent Attorneys themselves.

epi Experts can be:

  •   Tutors

An epi Tutor reviews EQE papers written by epi tutees by providing individual and personalised feedback on a candidate's answer. It is not intended that any preliminary teaching is involved.

A mentor, in the form of an experienced epi Tutor, can be provided for a new tutor if required. All of our tutors work for epi voluntarily.

Are you interested in becoming an epi Tutor? Please register here.

  •   Coaches for the EQE Candidate Support Project (CSP)

The role of the coach is to support the candidates in preparation for their exam, monitor their progress and help them resolve problems related to the subjects of the exam and the exam preparation within the scope of CSP.

  •   Speakers

A speaker is expected to have a profound and up-to-date knowledge in the area in which he or she is being asked to speak. For seminars, courses, webinars and workshops, speakers are expected to have extensive experience in giving presentations at a professional level.


In addition, epi Experts are consulted by the Professional Education Committee (PEC) as an associate member to contribute to training projects together with other training providers such as the European Patent Academy of the EPO.