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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

European Patent Practice Committee

The European Patent Practice Committee (EPPC) considers and discusses all questions pertaining to, or connected with, practice under the European Patent Convention, the Community Unitary Patent Regulation and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) including any revision thereof, except questions concerning inventions in the field of biotechnology, online communications, documentation and patent information, the litigation of EP and Community applications and patents, and the setting of EPO fees. The EPPC drafts epi position papers for ratification by Council and then submits them to relevant bodies.

This Committee shall include one full member, for each member state, and additional full members belonging to four technological groups as follows:

Terms of References of the EPPC

Primary contact in the epi Secretariat: Susanne Ullmann

Committee Members
Country Name
AT Andreas Vögele
BE Sophie Christiane Carol Racine
BG Atanas Lyubomirov Tsvetkov
CH Martin Wilming
CY Christos A. Theodoulou
CZ Roman Bucek
DE Michael A. Fleuchaus
DK Anette Hegner
EE Jürgen Toome
ES Francisco Javier Sáez Granero
FI Terhi Marjut Anneli Honkasalo
FR Julien Thon
GB Christopher Paul Mercer (Chair)
GR Emmanuel Samuelides
HR Tomislav Hadzija
HU Zsolt Lengyel
IE Denis Alexis McCarthy
IS Einar Karl Fridriksson (Secretary)
IT Micaela Nadia Modiano
LI Christoph Benjamin Gyaja
LT Ausra Pakeniene
LU Philippe Ocvirk
LV Jevgenijs Fortuna
MC Günther Schmalz
MK Gjorgji Filipov
NL Maarten F.J.M. Ketelaars
NO Kristine Rekdal
PL Marta Joanna Kawczynska
PT Joao Pereira da Cruz
RO Daniella Olga Nicolaescu
RS Nada Herak
SE Barry Gerard Franks
SK Andrej Michalík
SM Andrea Tiburzi
TR Aydin Mutlu