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“Brexit implications on Patent Litigation” sub-committee

This sub-committee focuses on the changes to patent litigation that will come into effect as a consequence of the Brexit Agreement.

Current Topics under discussion in the Brexit Implications on Patent Litigation sub-committee:

  1. Rules for service of documents regarding patent litigation.
  2. Recognition and Jurisdiction of patent litigation decisions in view of Brexit (with specific attention to whether or not the UK accedes to the Lugano Convention).
  3. UK’s future regime for exhaustion of IP rights including implications of the Northern Ireland Protocol on patent litigation.
Current Members
CY Christos A. Theodoulou
GB Matthew Peter Critten (subst.)
Stoyan Atanassov Radkov (Chair)
PL Katarzyna Dorota Lewicka
PT Luís Humberto Silvestre de Almeida Ferreira (subst.)