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“Virtual Proceedings” sub-committee

This sub-committee was established in direct response to the activities at both the European Patent Office and at national level to ensure access to justice through virtual hearings in Court Proceedings as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sub-committee is active in monitoring use of virtual proceedings in patent litigation proceedings and supports the epi EPPC on the topic “virtual proceedings at the EPO”.

Current Topics under discussion in the Virtual Proceedings sub-committee:

  1. Remote Participation in Court Proceedings.
  2. Supporting epi EPPC on G 1/21 regarding experiences of virtual proceedings in patent litigation.
Virtual Proceedings
Current Members
BG Milena Lubenova Georgieva-Tabakova
DE Tilman Pfrang (Chair)
EE Mart Enn Koppel
FR Laurent Nuss
HU Ferenc Török
IR Triona Mary Walshe
IT Giuseppe Colucci
PT Luís Humberto Silvestre de Almeida Ferreira (subst.)