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Digitalisation Support Group (DSG) 

In order to prepare for an e-EQE, the Supervisory Board set up an e-EQE Working Group wherein the Examination Secretariat of the EPO, IT specialists and three epi members work together to set up the framework of the e-EQE to be held for the first time in March 2021.

To support and assist the epi members in the e-EQE Working Group, epi has set up a Digitalisation Support group (DSG) under the umbrella of the PEC. In this support group the latest developments are discussed and also plans are developed to come to a new format of the EQE to enter into force in 2023. 

Current Members
CH Tarik Kapic
Peter Thomsen
DE Andrew Hards
GB Julia Gwilt
IT Paolo Rambelli
MT Petra Pecharová
NL Cornelis A.M. Mulder (Chair)
RO Oana Boncea