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"Education of professional representatives’ staff" subcommitee

The main task of the Education of professional representatives’ staff (EPRS) subcommittee is to organise Education for the formalities teams supporting professional representatives, specifically including paralegals, patent administrators and formalities officers, and their preparation for the European Patent Administrator Certificate (EPAC).

This is performed by:

• defining the content and form of EPRS educational events, which may take the form of seminars, webinars, (online and in-person) workshops, videos, etc.
• overseeing the organisation of these courses,
• drafting the programme with respect of places and dates, including discussion with the epi Education Team and the individual PEC members that are responsible for specific events, such as local organisation of events in their country.
• evaluation of carried out events.

It is further responsible for the search and selection of suitable epi speakers.

Education of professional representatives staff
Current Members
IT Sara Morabito
NL Vera Stefanie Irene op den Brouw-Sprakel
PT Rui do Nascimento Gomes