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"IPREE/REE" Working Group

There are two joint EPO/epi working groups considering changes to the IPREE/REE. A first group is making the changes necessitated by the modernisation of the EQE. A second group is considering a wider range of changes, including diversity & inclusion, registration requirements and issues relating to appeal.

To support and assist the epi members in the EPO/epi Working Groupsepi has set up the IPREE/REE working group under the umbrella of the PEC. In this support group the latest developments are discussed to obtain a wide variety of opinions from around the EQE member states.

IPREE/REE Working Group
Current Members
AT Friedrich Schweinzer
BE Francis Leyder
CH Tarik Kapic
Peter Thomsen
CZ Katerina Hartvichova
DE Andrew Hards
Gabriele Leißler-Gerstl
GB Julia Gwilt
Margaret Mackett
Christopher Paul Mercer
Petra Pecharová
IS Anna Valborg Gudmundsdóttir
IT Paolo Rambelli
MK Bogoljub Ilievski
NL Lambertus van Wezenbeek
PL Magdalena Anna Augustyniak
RO Oana Boncea