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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Position Papers

Members of the epi can find out what the Council and the Committees are saying and doing on their behalf.

These position papers, consultation responses and amicus curiae briefs are published for information of our members. They do not necessarily state the official position of the epi at the present moment but reflect the view of the epi or one of its bodies at the time of submission.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

April 2021 - epi preliminary amicus curiae brief concerning case G 1/21

September 2020 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G4/19 

September 2019 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G3/19 

August 2019 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G1/19

July 2019 - Written statement of epi concerning case G2/19

October 2018 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G1/18

March 2017 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G 1/16

April 2016 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case Ariosa v. Sequenom (US Supreme Court)

February 2016 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G 1/15

November 2013 - epi Amicus Curiae Brief concerning case G2/13


December 2020 - Stellungnahme zum Referentenentwurf eines Gesetzes zur Neuregelung des Berufsrechts der anwaltlichen und steuerberatenden Berufsausübungsgesellschaften sowie zur Änderung weiterer Vorschriften im Bereich der rechtsberatenden Berufe

October 2020 - Stellungnahme zum Entwurf eines Zweiten Gesetzes zur Vereinfachung und Modernisierung des Patentrechts (Art. 81 II PatG)

August 2020 - European Commission Intellectual Property Action Plan - epi’s comments in response to the Commission Roadmap

December 2019 - Stellungnahme zu dem Eckpunktepapier des BMJV bezüglich einer Neuregelung des Berufsrechts der anwaltlichen Berufsausübungsgesellschaften


March 2021 - Proposed Referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal regarding oral proceedings by videoconference – Letter to the Chairman

March 2021 : epi observations in case T1807/15 (EP04758381.0)

March 2021 - epi letter to Mr Kratochvil, with attachment

November 2020 – epi comments on proposed article 15a RoPBA

February 2020 - epi comments on WIPO Letter and Draft Issues Paper on IP Policy and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 February 2018 - epi Comments on User Driven Early Certainty

February 2018 - Correction of erroneous international filing by incorporation by reference

September 2015 - epi Note on third party observations concerning European Patents with Unitary Effect

August 2015 - epi Note on the patent term for European Patents

May 2015 - Position paper of epi concerning the national/regional phase entry using ePCT

January 2014 - epi proposals for amendments to EPC Implementing Regulations

EPO Finances

May 2015 - epi Note on Fees relating to the Unitary Patent

Litigation Committee

April 2016 - epi Response to Questionnaire "Public consultation on the evaluation and modernisation of the legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights"

April 2016 - epi Comments on the Draft Rules of Procedure and on Court Fees and Recoverable Costs

July 2015 - epi Position paper on Court fees and recoverable costs

Biotech Committee

April 2016 - Position paper concerning purpose/function limited protection of nucleic acid sequences

April 2016 - Annex to the Position Paper - Overview National Laws on Nucleic Acid Sequences

January 2014 - Request epi for correction of errors in decision

 Harmonisation Committee

September 2017 - Reaction of epi to the Industry Trilateral position

Archived papers