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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Benefits for epi Students

By joining epi as a student member, you will be able to take advantage of epi offers at reduced rates as well as getting access to exclusive offers.

epi currently offers:

  • EQE preparation trainings exclusively for epi Students
    for example online workshops on how to approach Papers A, B, C and D of the main exam

  • Substantial discounts on other training offers
    for example epi Tutorials (write past papers and get individual feedback)
  • Access to the epi-learning platform 
    training videos, recorded webinars and other materials
  • Student Forum
    experienced tutors are answering questions; ask your own or read answers to other students’ questions
  • Book Grant
    After admission as an epi Student, you will receive a one-time book grant of EUR 45. The book grant can be credited for reference books from the literature list of the Guide to Preparation for the European Qualifying Examination.

The list of benefits continues to be expanded as new offers are created.