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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Preparing for the EQE

Activities provided by epi to assist candidates to better prepare themselves for the pre-examination and the main examination of the EQE.

All courses are provided in the three EPO official languages.


EQE courses - overview

Preparation courses open for all epi Student members and all other EQE candidates.

epi Tutorial

Privately writing one or more of the past EQE papers and having papers reviewed and discussed by experienced epi Tutors.



EQE pre-examination paper - online training course (September to March)

The European Patent Academy, in association with expert epi Tutors, is offering an online training course for candidates taking the pre-examination of the European Qualifying Examination.

Mock EQE(s)

The mock EQE provides participants with the chance to sit the EQE exams under exam like circumstances. The participants will sit the various exams prepared by epi Experts in the same order as the real exam and will be given exactly the same time to sit the paper.


2-day weekend workshop

epi offers 2-day weekend workshops especially designed for epi Students who have passed the Pre-Exam and prepare for the main EQE.