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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Flexible epi Tutorial

The epi Tutorial is an EQE training event that provide candidates with the opportunity to sit the Pre-examination/A/B/C/D papers privately, to send the papers to an experienced epi Tutor assigned to them and to have their individual papers reviewed and discussed.


The schedule is as follows: 

1. After candidates have made their decision for the language and the paper the want to sit, and after payment of the fee, the enrolment is confirmed by the epi Secretariat and the candidates are informed about the assigned tutor. Two different tutors may be assigned, one for papers A/B and one for papers C/D.

2. In a first step candidates write the papers privately (it is recommended to do so in the time the EQE allows for the particular paper).

3. In a second step candidates send their paper(s) to the tutor they have been assigned to by the epi Secretariat. The tutor reviews the paper(s) and gives a first feedback within the agreed time frame.
Candidates who do not get an answer to their papers from their tutor by an affirmed due date are requested to contact the epi Secretariat immediately.

4. In a further step discussions are scheduled for Pre-examination, papers A/B and C/D respectively. The papers are discussed in view of the individual results in general matter but also addressing particular problems, individual solutions commented on and questions answered. The format is flexible: it is up to the tutor and the particular candidate or group of candidates, respectively, to decide upon a commonly agreeable form for the discussion session. In case it is decided that a meeting should be held with all candidates, time and place is to be agreed upon by the tutor and the candidates. The candidates provide in this case their own travel expenses as well as the travel expenses of their tutor. Alternatively a telephone conference (with the help of the epi Secretariat) or a skype session (arranged by the participants) could be arranged, but as indicated it is up to the tutor/candidates to agree upon a suitable format.

5. As said before, candidates decide for which kind of papers (Pre-examination, A, B, C and/or D) they want to sit. Depending on the result, candidates have the opportunity together with their tutor to decide whether they want to work another volume of the same paper and if necessary even to work a seconde volume.

6. Exam papers to be discussed

            Pre-examination and EQE papers 2018 and older

7. Schedule
Time schedule for a tutorial is four months up from confirmed receipt of payment from the epi Secretariat.
This schedule should be seen as a proposal. The final agreement on the date when papers should be returned and the date of the feedback session is to be decided between tutor and candidate(s).

8. Tutorial fee for each paper (Pre-examination, A, B, C or D) contains that the selected paper can be written at a maximum of two different years (for example, you can write Paper A for two different years etc.):
        180.- € for epi students
        360.- € for non epi students