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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi Tutorial

  • Sign up for a tutorial whenever you want
  • Decide which paper you want to prepare
  • Arrange individually with your tutor:
     - the due date when you need to send your prepared paper to your tutor
     - the date when you will discuss the result of your individual paper with your tutor
  • Discuss the result of your paper with your tutor
     - in small Groups (on request) or
     - in a one to one session

Depending on the result, candidates have the opportunity together with their tutor to decide whether they want to work another volume of the same paper and if necessary even to work a second volume.

The tutorial fee for the selected paper (Pre-examination) covers a maximum of two different years: 

  • fee for epi Students EUR 200 per selected paper 
  • fee for non-epi Students EUR 400 per selected paper

The registration is available here

EQE pre-examination paper 2022 - online training course


The European Patent Academy, in association with expert epi tutors, is offering an online training course for candidates taking the pre-examination of the European Qualifying Examination.

The online training course for the EQE pre-examination paper is a six-month course which offers a blended e-learning experience, including:

  • introductory videos
  • in-depth articles
  • mock questions based on the real examination
  • in-depth case studies

There are around 800 pages of training materials altogether, plus quizzes and virtual classroom sessions on a number of different topic areas.

Course start: 1 September 2021

More information about this course and the registration details can be found at the EPO website.