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EPO - Annual meeting of EQE tutors and members of the EQE committees

October 11, 2022

Dear epi member,

The “Annual meeting of EQE tutors and members of the EQE committees” will take place online on 8-9 November 2022 and is organised by the Secretariat of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) in cooperation with epi.

Please complete the following survey if you would like to receive an invitation to the above meeting from the EQE Secretariat.

Further, as a European Patent Attorney involved in the training of EQE candidates, you can also register to receive the information from epi about epi educational events concerning the preparation for the EQE by checking the appropriate box in the survey.

In November, the Wiseflow system will be operational again, and, if you are interested in receiving access to the Wiseflow system to see the examination papers as the candidates would see them to support your candidates towards EQE 2023 better, please check the appropriate box in the survey.

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