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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Report from Council meeting (C92) that took place on 7th May 2022

May 07, 2022

epi C92 Council meeting took place on 7th May 2022 in presence in Munich.

A minute of silence was observed at the start of the meeting in memory of Dr Helen Papaconstantinou (GR) who recently passed away. Dr. Papaconstantinou was long involved in Council and held the position of Secretary General.

A very interesting presentation was given on the concept for the new e:EQE. Details will follow.

The following decisions were taken by Council:

  • approval of the 2021 annual report;
  • adoption of an amendment of the rules governing epi studentship;
  • adoption of motions according to which epi is opposed to any kind of grace period but could consider a grace period as a safety net as part of a harmonized system;
  • adoption of an amendment of the Code of Conduct to ensure that it covers activities before the UPC;
  • adoption of a recommendation on professional conduct in relation to the war in Ukraine;
  • adoption of a motion deleting decision 3.3.5 and amending decision 3.3.4;
  • adoption of an amendment of the Terms of Reference of the Nominations Committee;
  • adoption of the Terms of Reference of the Committees Election Committee;
  • adoption of a motion on Rule 132 EPC.

Council also elected members of Committees for which there where vacancies: The updated list of Committee members will soon be available on the epi website (https://patentepi.org/en/epi-bodies).

Last but not least, Council adopted a policy on Diversity and Inclusion.

As usual a detailed report on the Council meeting will be available in the next issue of epi Information.

Posted by Marc Névant
On behalf of the Editorial Committee

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