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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi Studentship

What is an epi Student?

The definition of an epi Student is in the "Rules governing the epi studentship" (Art. 4.1.2 epi's By-Laws).
It states: "1. An epi Student is a person who has registered by submitting an application form provided by the Secretariat of the Institute according to the following Rules."

Where can I find the "Rules governing the epi studentship"?

The current version of the "Rules governing the epi studentship" is here.

Why should I become an epi student?

The benefits of registering as an epi student are:

  • a separate student area on the epi website, allowing students to contact each other
  • reduced fees for epi educational events
  • every quarter, epi students receive our magazine, epi Information

Where can I enrol?

The form to enrol as an epi student is here.