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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi Tutors

What is an epi tutor?

epi tutors are European professional representatives who tutor EQE candidates under the epi tutorial system.

What are the epi tutors' responsibilities?

Our tutors work in different areas, ranging from marking papers and discussing them with candidates in a tutorial or mock EQE, to contributing to joint epi/EPO events such as conferences/seminars/online courses/webinars.

Are there any incentives for epi tutors?

Once a year, epi holds a tutors' meeting, bringing together the tutors to exchange experiences, and to network.
epi also invites its tutors to an annual meeting with the Examination Committees, organised by the EP Academy.

Where do I find the enrolment form?

The enrolment form for an epi tutor is here.