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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office


epi Students are able to take advantage of epi's 3 year training plan which provides complementary training sessions to those provided by external organisations.

The 3-year training plan has the following elements:

  • Training video: Patent Claims - what they are and what they are used for
  • Student Forum - experienced tutors acting as moderators, answering questions
  • Weekend workshops - how to approach Papers A, B and D of the main exam
  • epi Tutorials - write past papers and get your individual feedback by an experienced epi Tutor
  • Mock EQE – mock EQEs allow participants to attempt one or more EQE exam papers under exam conditions. Exam papers have been specially created for the main exams (Papers A, B, C and D). Get your individual feedback by an experienced epi Tutor in a group session (max 5 participants).
  • Book Grant – after admission as an epi Student, you receive a book grant of EUR 45. The book grant can only be credited for reference books from the literature list of the Guide to Preparation for the European Qualifying Examination.
  • Webinars/workshops relating to your preparation to the main EQE, for example, how to approach Paper C and how to analyse claims

Furthermore, epi Students are entitled to a reduced rate for training offers organised by the epi – see training and seminars.