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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Guidelines for epi Students' Forum

This is a forum for epi Students preparing for the EQE, intended to provide advice, not to advertise a service or business.


  1. Bear in mind posts will be read by others and do not post anything that may offend. You shall remain respectful of other users at all times. Inappropriate posts will be removed by the Moderators.
  2. Posts shall be in an official language of the EPO: English, German or French. Moderators will reply to posts in the same language if possible, but may answer in another official language.
  3. Posts shall concern the EQE and related matters. There shall be no spam, advertising or self-promotion.
  4. Posts shall not include copyright-infringing material.
  5. Avoid using colloquial language and write clearly and succinctly so that your posts can be easily understood by other users.
  6. Give each post a meaningful subject to help other users to search the forum. Try to ensure the same question has not been asked in the forum previously.
  7. Students may file replies to other students’ questions and shall include a reference to the relevant article, rule, decision etc. providing support for the reply.
  8. Moderators will endeavour to reply to posts within two working days, but a reply may take longer if a post requires complex analysis, if a moderator is unavailable, or if there is a particularly high number of posts to reply to.
  9. Any complaints regarding the Forum shall be directed to the epi Education department and not posted on the Forum.