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Institut des mandataires agréés près l’Office européen des brevets

Policy on diversity and inclusion

epi recognises the benefits of diversity & inclusivity (D&I)

It is recognised that diversity and individual uniqueness in its members bring creativity and vitality to an organisation, enriching its business practices and making it more successful.

epi believes that capturing and drawing on diverse points of view can improve the advice and services that its members can offer to clients and prospective clients, who are focused on innovation (which itself requires divergent thinking and novel perspectives).

Such diversity can also enable its members to relate more effectively to all stakeholders in the patent world, including epi’s employees and other contractors, inventors, patent applicants, patent office personnel, associates at home and abroad, and the wider community in which they operate.

epi commits to and aims for D&I in our policies, practices and stakeholder relationships

epi will therefore treat its members, their clients and other stakeholders fairly and equitably, with respect, honesty and dignity, and will communicate in a manner that promotes these values, free from discrimination, prejudice and harassment. epi will likewise support all its members and other stakeholders to be treated by its members and contractors in the same manner.

epi aims to have a positive impact on its members and other stakeholders by promoting D&I within our field, and will endeavour to follow best practice guidelines to support the ideals of D&I. Thus, epi will take these into account when setting and implementing its policies, practices & procedures, training and education, and other events and activities.

In pursuit of these commitments, epi aims to create, encourage, maintain and, where applicable, enforce an inclusive work/business culture, where an increasingly diverse membership can bring their whole selves to work, and where they can feel supported, empowered to develop themselves and their careers, accepted and valued as contributing members, respected and fairly treated.

Diversity of epi membership 

epi understands that, to achieve diversity, inclusiveness must be fostered; and that increased inclusivity can itself lead to greater diversity.

epi therefore aims to include and promote the further inclusion of a diverse membership, regardless of a variety of differences, such as (alphabetically):

age or generation; appearance; (social) class; colour; creed, belief or religion; culture; (mental or physical) disability; economic background; ethnicity or nationality (including past, current, and future nationality); gender (including reassigned gender, hidden gender, or non-gender); language; marital, civil partnership, pregnancy or parental status; political affiliation; race; sexuality or sexual orientation or identity; work role or status; or any other distinction or trait that is not relevant to membership of epi or inapplicable to the competent execution of the work of a professional representative before the EPO.

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The D&I policy was adopted by epi Council during its 92nd meeting on 7th May 2022.

The D&I Working Group can be contacted at : d-and-i@patentepi.org