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Institut des mandataires agréés près l’Office européen des brevets

Unreliable agents

August 24, 2015

Please note that the epi has been made aware that some of our patent attorney firms in Europe have been entrusted with work by one or more unreliable agents from outside Europe. Apparently, the firm was entrusted with a series of applications, but after a while invoices were no longer paid, and applications were transferred away to another European patent attorney firm.

The epi is not in the position to verify these situations and therefore strongly advices its members to follow the rules set forth in the Code of Conduct of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. According to Rule 5(d) of the Code, whenever a member is instructed by a client to take over the handling of a case from another member, the member so instructed shall ensure that the other member is informed. Such other member shall without delay, loan or transfer all necessary information for the handling of the case. This practice would certainly allow the epi members to be warned about unreliable agents while taking over new cases.

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