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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Diversity and Inclusion at epi

A Diversity and Inclusion Working Group was created in September 2021 with the view of looking into D&I matters within epi. The first achievement in the work of the WG was the adoption by epi Council of a D&I policy in May 2022. The WG also published an article in epi Information 1/22 (“Why is everybody talking about diversity and inclusion?”) and contributed to the panel session on “Diversity and Inclusion” of the seminar for epi members which took place on the eve of the May 2022 epi Council meeting.

Level 1 now available on epi-learning.org

 Video Pre-Seminar D&I

In order to access the video, please make sure you are logged into the epi learning platform. Please note all epi members and students have access to the platform.