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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee assists the President, the Board and the Council in all matters having regard to the interpretation of the various regulations of the epi, the most important of them being the Founding Regulation and the By-Laws. On request of the Board or Council the Committee proposes in the three official languages amendments of existing By-Laws, or drafts new ones.

The By-Laws Committee is responsible for the organisation of the Collection of Decisions (CoD) and for editorial changes and translation revisions.

The By-Laws Committee consists of five members, of which one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively, as their mother tongue. This Committee shall have up to four substitute members, of which, one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively as their mother tongue, necessarily substituting the full member having the same mother tongue.

Terms of Reference of the By-Laws

Primary contact in the epi Secretariat: Susanne Ullmann

Committee Members
Country Name
AT Forsthuber Martin
BE Leyder Francis (subst.)
CH Liebetanz Michael
DE Schober Christoph D. (subst.)
FR Nevant Marc (subst.)
Moutard Pascal Jean (Chair)
GB Mercer Christopher Paul
Wright Simon Mark
Instone Alicia Claire (subst.)