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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Editorial Committee

The task of the Editorial Committee in publishing "epi Information" shall be to ensure that the publisher of the journal will receive all texts to be published. In addition, the tasks if the Editorial Committee in maintaining the epi website shall be to ensure that all texts to be published are placed and removed from the website as appropriate.

The Editorial Committee shall consist of at least four and at most eight members. Of these, one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively, as their mother tongue. At least one member should have knowledge of Internet website design.

Terms of Reference of the Editorial Committee

Primary contact in the epi Secretariat: Sadia Liebig

Committee Members
Country Name
DE Schmid Johannes
Thesen Michael
FR Nevant Marc (Chair)
GR Samouilidis Emmanouil
IE Casey Lindsay Joseph (Vice-Chair)
MC Amira Sami
NL Blokland Arie
PT Dinis Abrantes Ricardo Jorge