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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office


epi-learning is our platform for all online training activities organised by the epi

epi Students are automatically registered on this platform and can take advantage of support and training offers specifically designed for epi Students, such as: 

epi Students Forum
Ask questions and discuss any relevant topic related to the EQE examination papers as well as the EQE pre-examination. If you wish, you can ask questions anonymously. As an epi Student, you are automatically enrolled in this forum. 

EQE Online Workshops
Students who have passed the EQE pre-examination and are about to sit the main examination papers can enrol in EQE Online Workshops. The epi will offer specific online workshops for each of the four EQE papers.

epi Tutorials
Via epi-learning, you can participate in tutorials in order to write EQE papers. You can download the necessary documentation and hand in your result online. You will also receive individual feedback in the most appropriate format. 

Training video on patent claims
epi-learning also provides exclusive access to a training video on claim drafting, recorded with experienced epi Tutors. This video is particularly useful to students in their initial training phase and will give an overview on what patent claims are and what they are used for.

You can find more training offers on epi-learning.