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Webinar on “Basics about conduct provisions for EPAs”

August 09, 2023

Date: 14 September 2023, 10-11am CEST

The disciplinary system for epi members

The webinar intends to address some basic issues of the epi disciplinary system. After introducing the legal framework of the disciplinary system, the webinar will present first the disciplinary bodies and the procedures followed by them, then the possible sanctions and finally the fundamental provisions that epi members must comply with. Some attention will be devoted also to the relations with other disciplinary systems, like UPC and national systems.
The webinar will be conducted by Giorgio Checcacci with the support of Martina Stork, who are chair and deputy chair of the Professional Conduct Committee of epi. They will also explain what is their committee, that is not a disciplinary body but has some role within the disciplinary system.

This webinar is only for epi members and epi students.
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