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Transitional regime for divisional applications with sequence listings

November 06, 2023

Advance copy of the Notice from the EPO

Further to our news item of 4th October 2023 including the letter from Mr Ernst, Vice-President DG5, in response to the concerns raised by epi concerning the implementation of WIPO Standard ST.26, in particular concerning divisional applications containing sequence listings. We are pleased to show you an advance copy of the Notice from the European Patent Office concerning the handling of ST.25 sequence listings filed as a safeguard as part of divisional applications to which WIPO Standard ST.26 applies which will be published in the OJ 11/2023.

The new practice will apply to all divisional applications for which the page fee has not yet been paid. Page fees already paid for pages of sequence listings not complying with WIPO Standard ST.26 will not be refunded.

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