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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

The epi offers a continued educational programme for epi members and paralegals. The epi supplements the education offered by other organisations, such as the European Patent Office or CEIPI by selecting topics of particular interest to epi members or arranging educational activities in countries and languages, which are not necessarily in the focus of commercial trainers.

If you would like to have a seminar organised in your city/country, please get in touch with your national PEC member.

epi CPE training events are organised by the epi in the framework of the ongoing CPE project, and in collaboration with the European Patent Academy of the EPO and WIPO.

This is the epi’s current offer:

Seminars on case law

Seminars on opposition and appeal

Life of a patent (seminars and online course)

Webinars: Case Law Online

Webinars: Collaboration with overseas patent colleagues

Webinars: IP Commercialisation

Webinars: Novelty Online

Webinars: Privilege in patent matters