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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi-Finances Committee

The epi-Finances Committee advises on the preparation of the budget and makes proposals for the financial planning and financial management of the Institute. The Committee is empowered to consider financial management of the Institute and investigates every aspect of the financial affairs of the Institute, particularly for the purpose of ensuring a balanced financial situation.

The Committee shall have a maximum of ten full members.

Terms of Reference of the epi-Finances Committee

Primary contact in the epi Secretariat: Susanne Ullmann

Committee Members
Country Name
BE Quintelier Claude
CH Braun André jr.
DE Schober Christoph D.
FI Konkonen Tomi-Matti Juhani
FR Conan Philippe Claude
GB Powell Timothy John
IT Paglia Pietro
MK Ilievski Bogoljub
PL Malewska Ewa
PT Pereira da Cruz Joao