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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

"CPE" subcommittee

The overall main task of the CPE subcommittee is to organise Continued Professional Education for all epi members (and paralegals).
See Terms of Reference PEC 20 April 2013, B.11).
This is performed by:

  • defining the content and form of CPE educational events, which may take the form of seminars, webinars, (online and in-person) workshops, videos, etc.
  • overseeing the organisation of these courses, including discussions with EPO Academy on cooperation within the framework of the EPO-epi MoU
  • drafting the programme with respect of places and dates, including discussion with the epi Education Team and the individual PEC members that are responsible for the local organisation of events in their country. 
  • evaluation of carried out events
  • as long as the UP/UPC joint working group exists, close collaboration with this working group to align the programme and organisational consequences (it is foreseen to take over the tasks of the UP/UPC joint working group)

It is further responsible for the search and selection of suitable epi speakers.

Current Members
AL Eno Dodbiba
BE Hendrik Bart Van Den Hazel
DE Thomas Pott
EE Margus Sarap
ES Lluís Vilalta
FR Jérôme Collin
FI Tomi-Matti Juhani Konkonen
IT Paolo Rambelli
LI Liudmila Gerasimovic
MT Petra Pecharová
NL Lambertus A.C.M. van Wezenbeek (Chair)
PT Isabel Carvalho Franco
RO Mihaela Teodorescu
SM Giampaolo Agazzani