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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Professional Liability Insurance

Product Information

For every European Patent Attorney it is important to know who covers in situations where a client claims for damages due to an alleged professional mistake. For those who work as employees in industry, this risk is in most cases covered by the employer. For those who work in private practice, it is recommended to have a professional liability insurance for such situations. In some countries there is even a legal obligation to have a professional liability insurance for the national patent attorney profession.

In line with decisions of the epi Council epi has negotiated and agreed a framework contract for a professional liability insurance setting out general principles and conditions applicable in all 39 EPC countries. Any epi member, who offers IP services to external clients can benefit from this insurance.
In order to obtain coverage, an epi member needs to sign, individually or for his patent law firm/partnership, a contract with the broker/insurer who will also be responsible for all administrative and payment aspects of the insurance. 

The epi is happy to cooperate in this area with strong partners, the insurance broker RMS Risk Management Service SA and Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

We are pleased to present IPRISK as personalized solution for a professional liability insurance for your activities as European Patent Attorney.

What are the advantages of the Professional Liability lnsurance for epi members?

  • Solution designed for the needs of epi members
  • Insurance available up to EUR 5 million
  • Omissions and Errors of employees are insured as well
  • Cover for national activity included
  • Additional cover for Trademark and Design
  • Additional cover for acting before the UPC (unified Patent Court)
  • PCT applications included provided the Receiving Office is within the 39 EPC contracting states
  • Tailored on your professional legal liability
  • Possibility to include a retroactive date in the policy
  • Possibility to include Module for representatives acting before the UPC court. Free profession activities of epi members working in industry are covered

Further details are available in the members area of the website (after login).

If you are interested to obtain an offer for this IPRISK insurance, supported by the epi, please login onto the epi website in order to access the appropriate questionnaire and receive further information.

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