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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Online Communications Committee

The Online Communications Committee collaborates with the European Patent Office in its projects for introducing online communication. The Committee draws on experience and knowledge of the systems set up by the national Patent Offices of the USA and Japan. In addition, the Committee monitors the activities of National Patent Offices in the Member States and other official institutions in the area of online communications in connection with intellectual property and observes the efforts of these institutions regarding harmonisation of online communications. The Committee deals with all questions relating to these projects referred to it by members of the epi. The Committee members are selected for having practical experience of online systems for the benefit of the members of epi, and of the European Patent Office and its users.

The Committee shall have a maximum of eleven full members.

Terms of References of the OCC

Committee Members
Country Name
AT Birgitta Gassner
BE Yannick Biron (Secretary)
CH Ronny Vavrin
DE Friedrich Scheele
Florian Stöckle
FR Catherine Ménès
GB John James Gray (Chair)
IE David Timothy Brophy (Vice Chair)
IT Luciano Bosotti
PL Szymon Lukaszyk
RO Oana-Laura Boncea