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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Professional Education Committee (PEC)

PEC advises the epi Board on professional education and qualification. There is at least one member from each EPC member country. The members are involved in EQE related matters and/or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) related matters.

The PEC organises and oversees educational activities, including webinars and seminars. The online activities are available on the epi-learning platform which is open to epi members and epi students, who are registered trainees preparing for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). The epi students have access through the platform to a students’ forum, EQE online workshops and epi tutorials.

The full PEC meets twice a year: one plenary meeting is fully online and the other is a hybrid meeting. PEC has set up several sub-committees and working groups to concentrate on key areas of its responsibility.  Each group has the appropriate number of members and these groups meet online as frequently as needed.

At the moment, PEC is particularly considering the new format of the EQE as well as building the CPE program of seminars and webinars.

Terms of Reference of the PEC

Primary contact in the epi Secretariat: Barbara Riffert, Jacqueline Kalbe

Committee Members

View here a list of all full and substitute members and get in touch with your national PEC member.