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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

The Disciplinary Committee (DC)

The "Disziplinarrat" (German version) is called in the official English version of the Founding Regulation Disciplinary Committee and in the French version Commission de Discipline. It is however not an advisory committee of the epi but the first part of the first instance judicial organ for the evaluation of possible disciplinary lapses of registered representatives and was instituted by the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisations on October 21, 1977 under the heading "Regulation on discipline for professional representatives". The Chambers of the Disciplinary Committee decide on alleged breach of the Rules of Professional Conduct which may be brought to its notice in writing. The members of the Disciplinary Committee are elected and/or reelected in their functions by the epi Council for the same term of office as the term of office of the epi Council (no time restriction in the mandate). The members are independent and enjoy immunity for their activities in the context of the Disciplinary Chambers which are installed by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee at the beginning of each term. A Chamber considers up to 3 cases per year.
Attorneys at law and solicitors who are not also professional representatives do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Committee.

Disciplinary Committee
Country Name
AL Melina Nika
AT Wolfgang Poth (Vice-Secretary)
BE Thierry Debled
BG Ivanka Slavcheva Pakidanska
CH Raymond Reuteler
CY Vasiliki A. Rousounidou
CZ Michael Fischer
DE Werner Fröhling (Vice-Chair)
DK Oliver Wolfgang Kuhn
EE Sirje Kahu
ES Lars Magnus Stiebe
FI Christian Westerholm
FR Marc Nevant
GB John Gray
GR Athanasios Tsimikalis
HR Natasa Marsic
HU Zoltán Kovári
IE Shane Smyth
IS Gunnar Örn Hardarson
IT Giuseppe Mazzini
LI Paul Rosenich (Chair)
LT Jelena Gerasimovic
LU Pierre Kihn
LV Valentina Sergejeva
MC Nicolas Hautier
MK Vanco Damjanski
MT Luigi A. Sansone
NL Ferry A.T. van Looijengoed
NO Dag Thrane
PL Alicja Rogozinska
PT Antonio J. Pissara Dias Machado
RO Cosima Fierascu
RS Dejan Bogdanovic
SE Lennart Karlström
SI Bostjan Japelj
SK Lenka Litváková
SM Riccardo Martini
TR Tuna Yurtseven (Secretary)

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