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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Education and Training

Education is an important responsibility for epi, to which it remains firmly committed. Through the Professional Education Committee, epi is committed to helping its students to pass the European Qualifying Examination, and to maintaining the high standard of that examination. epi also works hard to keep its members informed and educated, to allow them to provide the high standard of professional service the public expects.

Responsible for the epi educational and training in all member states is the Professional Education Committee (PEC). The PEC, its tasks and duties as well as a list of full and substitute members are available here.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Learn more about CPE events organised by epi and other organisations.

Forthcoming Events

All scheduled educational events offered by epi.

Preparing for the EQE

Activities provided by epi to assist candidates to better prepare themselves for the pre-examination and the main examination of the EQE.

epi Experts

Learn more about the epi tutorship, its aims and the different working fields of epi tutors.

The Patent Profession in the European Patent Convention (EPC) Contracting States

Information on the Patent Profession in the EPC Contracting States.


You have questions about PEC, epi Tutorship, epi Student membership or other educational matters? Check out our FAQ!