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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Summaries of the tasks of the committees

By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee assists the President, the Board and the Council in all matters having regard to the interpretation of the various regulations of the epi, the most important of them being the Founding Regulation and the By-Laws. On request of the Board or Council the Committee proposes in the three official languages amendments of existing By-Laws, or drafts new ones.

The By-Laws Committee is responsible for the organisation of the Collection of Decisions (CoD) and for editorial changes and translation revisions.

The By-Laws Committee consists of five members, of which one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively, as their mother tongue. This Committee shall have up to four substitute members, of which, one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively as their mother tongue, necessarily substituting the full member having the same mother tongue.

Terms of Reference of the By-Laws

Committee Members
Country Name
AT Martin Forsthuber
DE Andreas Winter (subst.)
FR Pascal Jean Moutard (Chair)
Pierre Gendraud (subst.)
GB Simon Mark Wright
Terence Leslie Johnson (subst.)
IT Paolo Gerli
MC Günther Schmalz
MK Blagica Veskovska (subst.)

Editorial Committee

The task of the Editorial Committee in publishing "epi Information" shall be to ensure that the publisher of the journal will receive all texts to be published. In addition, the tasks if the Editorial Committee in maintaining the epi website shall be to ensure that all texts to be published are placed and removed from the website as appropriate.

The Editorial Committee shall consist of at least four and at most eight members. Of these, one shall have German, one English, and one French, respectively, as their mother tongue. At least one member should have knowledge of Internet website design.

Terms of Reference of the Editorial Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
BE Maarten Dirk-Johan Nollen
DE Michael Thesen
Daniel Herrmann
Johannes Schmid
FR Marc Nevant (Chair)
IE Lindsay Joseph Casey
IT Alessandro Leganza
MC Sami Amira

epi-Finances Committee

The epi-Finances Committee advises on the preparation of the budget and makes proposals for the financial planning and financial management of the Institute. The Committee is empowered to consider financial management of the Institute and investigates every aspect of the financial affairs of the Institute, particularly for the purpose of ensuring a balanced financial situation.

The Committee shall have a maximum of ten full members.

Terms of Reference of the epi-Finances Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
BE Claude Quintelier
CH André jr. Braun
DE Michael Maikowski (Chair)
EE Margus Sarap
FR Jean-Loup Laget
GB Timothy John Powell
IT Giulia Tagliafico
LU Jean Beissel
PL Ewa Malewska
RO F. Doina Tuluca

EPO Finances Committee

The Committee's terms of reference are to keep under review the information available, from the EPO or otherwise, concerning all aspects of the financial affairs and forward planning of the EPO having relevance for the levels of official fees charged to the applicant. The concern of the Committee is not just the absolute level of fees, but also assessing whether the users of the EPO get value for money. This involves looking to the Annual Report and other documents relating to the EPO's costs, staffing, financial obligations, performance, and levels of demand.

The committee shall have a maximum of four full members, and up to four substitute members.

Terms of References of the EPO Finances Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
CH Michael Liebetanz
DE Andreas Winter
Christoph Schober (subst.)
GB James Charles Boff (Chair)
IE Lindsay Joseph Casey
IT Michele Fattori (subst.)
MK Gjorgij Filipov (subst.)
NL Erik Bartelds (subst.)

Online Communications Committee

The Online Communications Committee collaborates with the European Patent Office in its projects for introducing online communication. The Committee draws on experience and knowledge of the systems set up by the national Patent Offices of the USA and Japan. In addition, the Committee monitors the activities of National Patent Offices in the Member States and other official institutions in the area of online communications in connection with intellectual property and observes the efforts of these institutions regarding harmonisation of online communications. The Committee deals with all questions relating to these projects referred to it by members of the epi. The Committee members are selected for having practical experience of online systems for the benefit of the members of epi, and of the European Patent Office and its users.

The Committee shall have a maximum of eleven full members.

Terms of References of the OCC

Committee Members
Country Name
AT Birgitta Gassner
BE Yannick Biron (Secretary)
CH Ronny Vavrin
DE Friedrich Scheele
Florian Stöckle
FR Catherine Ménès
GB John James Gray (Chair)
IE David Timothy Brophy (Vice Chair)
IT Luciano Bosotti
PL Szymon Lukaszyk
RO Oana-Laura Boncea

Harmonisation Committee

The Harmonisation Committee deals with all questions concerning the worldwide harmonisation of Patent Law. In particular, the Committee advises the delegates named by the President of the Council for meetings of the Standing Committee on the law of Patents, convened by WIPO, or for other related meetings convened by WIPO, and reports to the Council about these meetings.

The Harmonisation Committee shall have a maximum of ten full members.

Terms of Reference of the Harmonisation Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
CH Marcus Ehnle
DE Lothar Steiling
Ulrich Weingarten
ES Luis-Alfonso Durán Moya
FI Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
GB John D. Brown (Chair)
IR Dermot Roche
IT Filippo Santi (Secretary)
PL Magdalena Krekora

Committee on Biotechnological Inventions

The Committee on Biotechnological Inventions shall consider and discuss all questions pertaining to, or connected with, inventions in the field of biotechnology, including the Budapest Treaty.

For this Committee, only one full member may be elected for each member state.

Terms of Reference of the Biotech Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
AL Diana Sinojmeri
AT Andreas Pföstl
BE Ann G. Y. De Clercq (Chair)
CH Martin Sperrle
CZ Roman Hak
DE Torsten Exner
DK Anne Schouboe
ES Francisco Bernardo Noriega
FI Outi Elina Virtaharju
FR Brigitte Taravella
GB Simon Mark Wright (Secretary)
GR Vasiliki Kosti
HR Tihomir Dragun
HU Arpad Petho
IE Anna-Louise Hally
IS Thorlakur Jonsson
IT Anne-Cecile Trillat
LI Burkhard Bogensberger
LT Liudmila Gerasimovic
LU Stéphane Speich
LV Valentina Sergejeva
MK Blagica Veskovska
NL Bart Willem Swinkels
NO Liv Heidi Thoresen
PL Marta Joanna Kawczynska
PT Anabela Teixeira de Carvalho
RO Cristina Popa
RS Zeljka Brkic
SE Niklas Mattsson
SI Mojca Bencina
SM Maria Vittoria Primiceri
TR Oya Yalvaç

Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee shall deal with the formulation of recommandations in compliance with the Founding Regulation.

For this Committee the maximum number of members which may be elected from each member state is one full member and one substitute member.

Terms of Reference of the PCC

Committee Members
Country Name
AL Vjollca Shomo
AT Alois Peham
Tobias Fox (subst.)
BE Wim Van den Boeck (Vice-Chair)
BG Emilia Zdravkova Vinarova
Samuil Gabriel Benatov (subst.)
CH Paul Georg Maué
Thomas Ottmar Körner (subst.)
CZ Lucie Lunzarová
DE Holger Geitz
Andreas Winter (subst.)
ES Aurelio Hernandez Lehmann
Santiago Jordá Petersen (subst.)
FI Jonna Elisabeth Sahlin
Juhani Kalervo Kupiainen (subst.)
FR Nicolas Delorme
GB Timothy John Powell
Stephen James Blake (subst.)
HR Albina Dlacic
HU Mihaly Lantos
Miklos Sovari (subst.)
IE Michael Lucey
IS Thorlakur Jonsson
IT Giorgio Checcacci (Chair)
Andrea Marietti (subst.)
LI Roland Wildi
Joachim Künsch (subst.)
LT Jurga Petniunaite
Otilija Klimaitiene (subst.)
LU Henri Kihn
LV Alexander Smirnov
Valentina Sergejeva (subst.)
MC Tum Thach (Deputy Secretary)
MK Marija Kjoseska
Blagica Veskovska (subst.)
NL Johan Jan Bottema
NO Knut Thorvaldsen
PL Magdalena Krekora
Ludwik Hudy (subst.)
PT Pedro Alves Moreira
João Luís Pereira Garcia (subst.)
RO Dana-Maria Petrea
Teodora Valentina Dobrescu (subst.)
RS Slobodan Petosevic
SE Stina Sjögren Paulsson
Lars J.F. Estreen (subst.)
SM Antonio Maroscia
Fabio Marcello Merighi (subst.)
TR Hülya Cayli

European Patent Practice Committee

The European Patent Practice Committee (EPPC) considers and discusses all questions pertaining to, or connected with, practice under the European Patent Convention, the Community Unitary Patent Regulation and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) including any revision thereof, except questions concerning inventions in the field of biotechnology, online communications, documentation and patent information, the litigation of EP and Community applications and patents, and the setting of EPO fees. The EPPC drafts epi position papers for ratification by Council and then submits them to relevant bodies.

This Committee shall include one full member, for each member state, and additional full members belonging to four technological groups as follows:

Terms of References of the EPPC

Committee Members
Country Name
AL Vladimir Nika
AT Andreas Vögele
BE Michel Gilio
BG Atanas Lyubomirov Tsvetkov
CH Martin Wilming
CY Christos A. Theodoulou
CZ Roman Bucek
DE Véronique Marie Joséphine Kremer
DK Anette Hegner
EE Jürgen Toome
ES Francisco Javier Sáez Granero
FI Terhi Marjut Anneli Honkasalo
FR Sylvain Jacques Le Vaguerèse
GB Christopher Paul Mercer (Chair)
GR Emmanuel Samuelides
HR Tomislav Hadzija
HU Zsolt Lengyel
IE Denis Alexis McCarthy
IS Einar Karl Fridriksson (Secretary)
IT Micaela Nadia Modiano
LI Christoph Benjamin Gyaja
LT Ausra Pakeniene
LU Philippe Ocvirk (Secretary)
LV Jevgenijs Fortuna
MC Nicolas Hautier
MK Bogoljub Ilievski
NL Maarten F.J.M. Ketelaars
NO Kristine Rekdal
PL Magdalena Anna Augustyniak
PT Fernando Antonio Ferreira Magno
RO Daniella Olga Nicolaescu
RS Nada Herak
SE Till Burkert
SI Dusan Borstar
SM Andrea Tiburzi
TR Aydin Mutlu

Professional Education Committee (PEC)

PEC advises the epi Board on professional education and qualification. Its members are professional representatives, with at least one from each EPC member country, and it meets regularly.

The PEC also liaises with the Examination Board/Examination Committees on behalf of epi. It organises and oversees educational activities, including epi Tutorials. It administrates the epi Students, who are trainees preparing for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). PEC maintains continuous dialogue between itself, tutors and students.

PEC has set up a number of working groups to concentrate on key areas of its responsibility.

At the moment, PEC is particularly considering EQE pass rates and Continuing Professional Education for professional representatives. It has set up working groups to look at both topics.

Terms of Reference of the PEC

Committee Members

View here a list of all full and substitute members and get in touch with your national PEC member.


PEC has set up a number of subcommittees to concentrate on key areas of its responsibilities.


Litigation Committee

The Litigation Committee considers and discusses all questions, including inter-state agreements, related to the litigation of European and EP patents and patent applications, as well as representation in Court by European Patent Attorneys and the proposal to separate the Boards of Appeal from the European Patent Office.

The Committee shall consist of a maximum of one full member and one substitute member for each contracting state.

Terms of Reference of the Litigation Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
AL Ela Panidha
AT Michael Stadler
Josef Mikota (subst.)
BE Michaël Andries T. Beck
Annemie Jaeken (subst.)
BG Milena Lubenova Georgieva-Tabakova
Radislava Andreeva Kosseva (subst.)
CH Peter René Thomsen (Chair)
Thomas Ottmar Körner (subst.)
CY Christos A. Theodoulou
CZ Michal Guttmann
DE Tilman Pfrang
Verena Clarita Töpert (subst.)
DK Lars Pallisgaard Olsen
Nicolai Kanved (subst.)
EE Mart Enn Koppel
ES Juan Arias Sanz
Aurelio Hernandez Lehmann (subst.)
FI Kim Larseman Finnilä
Kirsikka Elina Etuaho (subst.)
FR Laurent Nuss
Pierre Gendraud (subst.)
GB Stephen James Blake
Stoyan Atanassov Radkov (subst.)
HR Sanja Vukina
Tomislav Strniscak (subst.)
HU Ferenc Török (Vice-Chair)
IE Triona Mary Walshe (Secretary)
Jonathan Patrick White (subst.)
IS Sigurdur Ingvarsson
IT Giuseppe Colucci
Antonella De Gregori (subst.)
LI Bernd-Günther Harmann
Christian Holzheu (subst.)
LT Vilija Viesunaite
LU Mathis Bruck
Valérie Martine Mellet (subst.)
LV Voldemars Osmans
Jevgenijs Fortuna (subst.)
MC Günther Schmalz
Tum Thach (subst.)
MK Jovan Joanidis
MT Angelo Gerbino
NL Paul Magnus Clarkson
Gesina Visser-Luirink (subst.)
NO Kari Helen Simonsen
PL Katarzyna Dorota Lewicka
Piotr Malcherek (subst.)
PT Nuno Cruz
António Corte-Real Cruz (subst.)
RO Oana-Laura Boncea
Dan Puscasu (subst.)
RS Mihajlo Zatezalo
SE Hao Li
Peter Martinsson (subst.)
SI Marjanca Golmajer Zima
Damjan Hodzar (subst.)
SK Vladimir Neuschl
SM Stefano Baldi
Davide Luigi Petraz (subst.)
TR M.N. Aydin Deris
Erkan Sevinç (subst.)

Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee set up by the Council under Rule 4 of the Rules for election of Council, shall ensure the smooth running of the elections. For the ordinary election for which it is set up, the Electoral Committee shall supervise conformity with the applicable rules, the opening of envelopes and counting of the votes, shall decide in cases of doubt, shall draw  lots whenever required by the Rules for Election of Council, and shall prepare a written report to the President of the Council on that election.

Terms of Reference of the Electoral Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
CH Markus Andreas Müller (Chair)
GB Peter Andrew John Barrett
IS Arni Vilhjalmsson

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee consists of a maximum of 6 members being current or former members of the Presidium, elected by the Council and not standing for election to the Board. The Nominations Committee exists to seek candidates for positions belonging to the Board, bearing in mind the capacity and the time availability of candidates to comply with the responsibilities of the positions to be filled, so as to ensure that there is at least a candidate for each vacant position in the Board.

Terms of Reference of the Nominations Committee

Committee Members
Country Name
BE Claude Quintelier (Chair)
CH Paul Georg Maué
GB Chris Mercer
FR Sylvain Jacques Le Vaguerèse
Laurent Nuss
RO Mihaela Teodorescu

epi Studentship Admissions Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to determine whether each person applying to become an epi student has the necessary qualifications to meet the requirements set out in the Rules governing epi studentship.

The Committee shall consist of seven members elected by Council. 

Terms of Reference of SAC

Committee Members
Country Name
CH Nicolas Favre
DE Gabriele Leißler-Gerstl
Stefan Kastel
FR Marc Nevant
GB Christopher Paul Mercer (Chair)
IT Francesco Macchetta
Paolo Provvisionato