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Institut der beim Europäischen Patentamt zugelassenen Vertreter
e-EQE Mock 2

From Monday 1 to Friday 5 February 2021, candidates could sit a Mock 2 exam under exam conditions on the Wiseflow platform.

On https://www.epi-learning.org, the Mock 2 Main Exam papers are available as well as model solutions of the Papers. In addition, epi organises live Q&A sessions where the Mock 2 Main Exam papers are discussed.

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brochure for all new Council Members is available after login.

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epi Forum

Further information and a detailed guide can be found here. New channel for epi members to share tips, tricks, suggestions on the use of the forum.


epi Information

epi Informationepi publishes a quarterly journal. Its primary objective is to inform members of epi's current activities.

Current issue


Das Institut der beim Europäischen Patentamt zugelassenen Vertreter (epi) wurde gemäß dem Europäischen Patentübereinkommen (EPÜ) durch Bestimmungen, die vom Verwaltungsrat des Europäischen Patentamtes beschlossen wurden, gegründet.


February 01, 2021

epi welcomes its first Executive Director

In order to meet current economic and structural needs and challenges, epi reinforces its Secretariat with the creation of a new position of Executive Director.


January 29, 2021

Amended version of the epi By-Laws and Collection of Decisions entering into force on 1st February 2021

A new version of the epi By-Laws and the epi Collection of Decisions is available on the epi website incorporating new provisions regulating the position of the Executive Director.


Oral proceedings before
the Boards of Appeal
Continuation of the measures adopted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and revised practice on oral proceedings by VICO effective as of 1 January 2021

In press release dated 15 December 2020, the Boards of Appeal inform that they have reassessed some of their measures for the arrangement and conduct of oral proceedings. In particular, the practice on conducting oral proceedings using videoconferencing (VICO) technology has been revised: from 1 January 2021 Boards may conduct oral proceedings by VICO even without the agreement of the parties concerned, as has now been made clear in the new Article 15a RPBA adopted by the Boards of Appeal Committee, which enter into force on 1 April 2021. Since the new provision merely clarifies an existing possibility, Boards may adapt their practice as regards dispensing with the need to obtain the agreement of the parties concerned even before the date of its entry into force of Article 15a RPBA.

Oral proceedings in opposition
to be held by videoconference

In a press release dated 10 November 2020, the European Patent Office announced (i) that the postponement of in-person opposition hearings (currently until 31 December 2020) is further extended to 15 September 2021 and (ii) that the consent of all parties for holding an opposition by VICO will no longer be necessary with effect from 4 January 2021, until 15 September 2021.

This measure is intended (according to the EPO) to »clear the substantial backlog of opposition hearings that built up over the last six months with a resulting loss in timeliness which is critical for access to justice«. The decision of the President of the EPO in this respect and a Notice from the EPO, both to be published in the OJ, can be found here and here.

e-EQE 2021

Information on the schedule for the EQE 2021 examination papers is available here.

The EQE 2021 will take place online using LockDown Browser. On examination days, candidates are advised to log on to the online examination system's internet platform at least 20 minutes before the start of the relevant paper. Information on how to register and log on to the online examination system will be communicated in due course. The pre-examination and both papers C and D will be split into parts. This means that candidates will not be free to allocate their time as they see fit across the different parts of the papers. To compensate for this restriction, the total duration of the relevant papers has been extended. Once the time allowed for a part has elapsed, it will not be possible to go back to that part.

epi supports e-EQE in 2021

Following the decision of the Supervisory Board of the EQE announced on the EPO-EQE website (https://www.epo.org/learning/eqe.html) that, in March 2021, the Pre-Exam and the Main Exam will be conducted online.

An e-EQE Working Group composed of EPO and epi representatives is actively working out the necessary arrangements.


epi meetings in view of the Covid-19 situation

(update 7 July 2020)

The Presidium and the Board of the epi are closely monitoring the situation created in Europe by the Covid-19 epidemic. Sadly, we can only observe how this epidemic is impacting our families, our communities, our profession and our very way of life. We can but hope that all of you are well and keeping safe.

Measures have been implemented to ensure, as far as possible under the circumstances, support for the Presidium, Board, Council and committees.

On 29 June 2020, epi C88 Council meeting was held electronically including voting for e.g. the members of the Board and the Disciplinary committee.

Further precautionary measures include the postponement or cancellation of all epi meetings and educational events. Committee meetings can be conducted using the videoconference tool of epi.