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Institut des mandataires agréés près l’Office européen des brevets

epi Annual Report 2023

We are pleased to inform our members that the Annual Report 2023 is now available on the epi website.

epi Annual Report 2023

epi Artists Exhibition 2024

epi Artist Exhibition

The epi warmly invites all creative epi members to participate in the virtual epi Artists Exhibition 2024.



epi Informationepi publishes a quarterly journal to inform the members of epi's current activities.

Current issue

Deadline for epi Information 2|2024: 13 May 2024

Job announcement

Current vacancies at the epi Secretariat in Munich

Current vacancies



L'Institut des mandataires agréés près l'Office européen des brevets (epi) fut créé par le Conseil d'Administration de l'Organisation européen des brevets en application des dispositions de la Convention sur le brevet européen (CBE).


May 22, 2024

Insight epi - a new Podcast episode is out

Transition from the old to the new EQE

This episode looks at the transition that will take place, particularly in the years 2025-2027 - and the options open to candidates from the old and new systems.


May 17, 2024

Upcoming educational events

Stay informed about our upcoming workshops, seminars and training sessions.
Here, you can access an overview of all training and educational activities.


Navigating the EQE format changes with epi

Are you wondering how the recent format changes in the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) impact your journey (or your trainees’ journey) to becoming a qualified European Patent Attorney?

In light of the recent changes to the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) format, epi understands the importance of clarity for candidates and prepared a practical overview to guide you through the tricky landscape of EQE options:

Navigating the EQE format changes

Committee Elections 2023 - Results were validated by Council at the Council Meeting C96

Dear epi members,
Please be advised that the results of the election are available after login. The results of the general Committees Election have been validated by the Council at the Autumn Council C96 meeting on 11 November 2023.

Results Elections to Committees 2023